The following are words from our members about our church, our fellowship and what being a Unitarian Universalist means to them.


My story begins over two years ago. I had just lost my mother who was very close me. My wife of 27 years decided she wanted a divorce. The stressors in my life were immense. I was a shell of my former self.

I wandered through church doors not looking to be saved, or converted. I was simply looking for some compassion and humanity. I was looking for a brief pause from the outside world and the chaos in my life. I certainly found it. My attendance at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Stockton has lead to a cornucopia friendship some casual, some very deep and personal. 

Words like love, compassion, caring, dedication and acceptance are thrown around a lot in the world. In side this church, they carry meaning, they have weight.  It’s not what you believe that matters. You can bring your own beliefs. It’s all good. It’s about the people. As you sit during a service take a look at the people that surround you. Look at the people behind you, in front of you, and in your row. These people will be with you long after you leave the service. It’s what we do here, we care about each other. It’s very powerful to know whatever is bothering you, you have a community that genuinely cares about you.

I have found great enjoyment participating in the various education and fellowship offering in the church, such as UU Thursdays, Covenant Groups and the Men’s group. I have enjoyed getting to know others on a more personal level, as they have learned about me. 

Come and attend a few services and get to know us. We are an amazing group of individuals, all united by one central theme. We choose to stand on the side of Love.  That is a pretty awesome place to stand with your friends.

For those I see each time I attend; Thank you. A sincere thank you for your love, compassion and friendship. You mean more to me then I have the ability to express.

Russ Backman - 2018