Covenant Groups

What is a covenant group?

Groups of 6-10 people who gather once a month to connect with each other and discuss the themes for that month. The sharing and deep listening that take place foster intimate connections and a sense of shared community.  Each member takes a turn if they wish choosing a topic and leading the monthly discussion. 


Why are they called covenant groups? 

Each group creates its own covenant (or agreement) which outlines the guidelines they choose to abide by in their meetings. Covenants usually list communal expectations such as listening respectfully, speaking one at a time, practicing kindness, and maintaining confidentiality. Groups are also guided by our larger Unitarian Universalist covenant (also referred to as our seven principles).  


When do they meet? 

Groups typically meet once a month on a regular day.  Each group has their own meeting time.  Groups typically meet at a members home.  Some groups rotate meeting places, while others do not.  Meetings last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

We currently have three groups which meet monthy. Two groups meet during the week after work, one group meets after church.


What happens at the meetings? 

First, opening words are read.  Then members check-in with a brief update on how they are doing. The majority of the time is spent on reflection and discussion of the topic. To conclude closing words are read. Some groups take turns providing refreshments; others do not. 

How Do I Join a Covenant Group? 

All are welcome.  However, some groups may have a maximum number of members. Group size is limited due time restraints for check ins and discussions of topics.  New groups can be started at anytime, based on interest.  Contact Rev. Bob Klein for more information and for introduction to group leaders.

What Kind of Topics are Discussed?

Topics are chosen by a member on a rotating basis or by group agreement.  While the topics are unrestricted, often members choose one from UU websites which have fully developed curriculum.   

A brief sample of topics discussed: 

Solitude                   Aging                    

Judgement              Relationships         

Mindfulness            Procrastination      

Acceptance             Forgiveness            

Happiness               Loss                         

What I Believe about Human Nature 

Privacy in the Digital Age 

Road Not Taken 

Advice or Words of Wisdom 

What is My Faith in the Future