Bulletin Board

Welcome to the bulletin board.  This is the place if you have general information or needs you would like the congregation to know about.  

If you would like to make a post, please use the form below.  Posts are reviewed approximately every 30 days for relevancy. 


Have Church Related Photos?

If you have any photos of church events you would like added to the church's photo section,  please send them with dates and captions to russbackman@comcast.com Please be advised not all photos may be used. 

Pictures of You

If your picture if featured in a section, and you would like to add a better picture of you, please send it to russbackman@comcast.net.  I will be glad to update it.

Did I Miss Your Committee, Group, or Club?

If I missed your group or committee under Fellowship and Education, please send a note describing your group, with chairperson and contact information.

If you would like the information changed under a group which you chair, please send updated information to me.  russbackman@comcast.net

Form to Add Bulletin Board information

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