Who We Are

Even though we may hold very different beliefs about God, the Goddess, or multiple gods, people, and the universe, we are here to share our journey with other open-minded persons who are seekers of truth and wisdom who care about other persons, the earth, the universe, and all living things.

Our individual stories may have many different details, experiences, people, and places, but most of them share a longing for authenticity and a desire to freely share aspects of our identity that we may feel we have to hide in other places.

Many of us have come from Christian traditions which were less open or not at all open to questioning. Some have come from traditions in which adherents were required to assert creeds ancient or modern as complete truth and practice within the confines of doctrine and dogma handed down and interpreted by religious authorities.

As Unitarian Universalists, we honor no religious authority as highly as the beliefs discovered on our own journeys nor demand practices beyond those expressing our own consciences so long as such do no harm to others. We do agree generally to express our beliefs and practices in harmony with our UU Principles and Sources but even those do not constitute a creedal expectation.

(Excerpted from Rev. Bob Klein’s Water Communion Message 9-13-15)