Religious Education: (K-6)

Please scroll down to register children and youth, Nursery – 12th Grade.

Schedule of RE Classes for K-6

Our Workshops are ideologically linked to the seven Unitarian Universalist principles.

Class Descriptions

Children are sometimes in multi-age groups and sometimes age specific groups.


The Creators are young children between Kindergarten and 2nd grade typically. This class uses art projects, interactive games and activities, song, and storytelling to explore UU principles, values such as helping and sharing, religious stories, and beliefs.

The Wonderers are children and youth between 4th and  6th grade*. Curriculum focused on their needs combines activity with more in depth discussion of ethical issues, bible literacy, and world religions. A typical Sunday might include any of the following: art, meditation, games, drama, and singing.


*Parents may decide which class is the best fit for their children.

Religious Education Registration

If your child is new, you may wish to join our class the first few times to ease the adjustment. And if you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your child’s teacher or the Director of Religious Education.

Another Sunday format that occurs several times a year is Intergenerational worship. On these days, your child will stay with you for the entire service. Our minister and the Religious Education volunteers plan entertaining, interactive services for the whole family. Past examples include: the no-rehearsal grab-a-prop Nativity play, the traditional UU Water Ceremony, Youth Sunday, and a post-Thanksgiving brunch service. However, if your child is not ready to enjoy a whole service, please feel free to take him/her to the nursery on these days.


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