Ready to try Praise and Complaints

Great.  You have read the purpose of Praise and Complaints and you are ready to proceed.  Now you just have to decide which method is right for you.

Fully Electronic: go to the electronic form (see below) and follow the instructions.

Somewhat Electronic: open the PDF file (Praise and Complaints form).  You will use your device’s own resident viewing program or “app” to navigate, fill in and send electronically or print.  You can do it in any order, print a copy then fill it in and put it in the drop box, or send it directly to the Church office.

Fully Old School Paper: go by the drop box outside of Nichole’s office.  Obtain a blank form.  Fill it out at your leisure then either send it to the Church or drop it off in the drop box.

Praise and Complaints Submission Form
  • The Committee on Ministry (COM) understands that you undertake the praise and complaint process when you feel you might not be heard in another forum. We are a community of love and trust and we thank you for having faith in our ability and judgment to hear you and take appropriate action. After you submit this form, you will be contacted by the chair of the COM to acknowledge its receipt. The committee will review the submission and decide on a course of action. You will be notified of the action taken. If your praise or complaint involves what minister directly, he/she will be excluded from the discussion unless it become necessary in the course of action. In all cases, your identity will remain confidential unless there is a danger of imminent harm to self or others, or it is relevant to the course of action.