Praise and Complaints

Welcome to the Praise and Complaints page.  If you are new to our community, or just browsing our site, be aware that we are not a hotbed of strife and conflict.  This page is a work in progress, intended for church members and friends.  If you are a hacker, seeking to unlock the secrets for world domination, may I suggest a different site.  If you are in the right place, read on.

Welcome to Praise and Complaints

We are a community of love and trust.  The surest way to resolve a conflict is to talk directly with the person or people with whom the conflict exists.

If there is some reason that makes a direct conversation impossible, or perhaps there is not a clear, single source for the problem, then the Praise and Complaints process might be the next option.

The process works like this:

  • You choose how you would like to file/send/correspond/be kept notified.
  • The committee chair receives the information, reviews it, and makes a decision on how to proceed.  The chair also sends you an acknowledgment of receipt.  At this point your identity is confidential, known only to yourself and the chair.  Unless there is a clear need for your identity to be shared, it will remain confidential.
  • At the next meeting of the Committee on Ministry (COM) the chair presents the praise or complaint to the whole committee, and a discussion ensues, the goal of which is to arrive at a group decision on how to proceed.  If there is no need for your identity to be known at this stage, it is not shared with the whole committee.  Also, if the issue concerns the minister, he/she is excluded from the discussion at this time.
  • The chair sends you a summary of the findings and the action taken.
  • You feel better, knowing you were heard on an issue important to the Ministry of the church.

I understand the process and I am ready to proceed Click here